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What Are Brand Guidelines?

All businesses have a brand, whether it’s consciously constructed or organically developed over time. Brand guidelines are an essential part of an effective marketing strategy.

For new and growing businesses, I always recommend having a brand guideline to go alongside your killer logo. Essentially, this document, sometimes referred to as a style guide, clearly defines your business's look, feel, tone of voice, etc. and guides you (and any employees or contractors you have or may have in future) on how various elements of the business should be used when creating content.

Example of Brand Guidelines by Madi Design

Brand Guidelines Generally Includes the Following:

  • Logos - including a main logo, an alternative logo, a light and dark version for various applications, guidelines for size and placement, etc.

  • Typography - how selected fonts look when combined, when used as headers, body text, etc.

  • Color Palette - which specific colors or color combinations to use for web and print use

  • Tone of Voice - examples of images with logo overlays and stylistic guidelines for social media posts, your website, etc. that represent your brand and its core values

A Brand Guideline Does a Few Important Things:

  • It ensures that your content (website, social media posts, business cards, marketing materials, etc.) looks consistent

  • It looks more polished and professional

  • It gives you confidence (and saves time) when building your website or creating content - you can just punch in the specific colors and fonts, knowing that it will look good

  • It strengthens your brand, which attracts more prospective (and typically higher-paying) clients

Without brand guidelines it's really difficult to keep your brand’s identity consistent. If you are serious about putting yourself out there and are ready to step up your business's image, I can help you create and maintain a strong, cohesive, and distinguishable brand. Click here to tell me a bit more about your business.


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